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Lawn Renovation, Hawthorne, NJ

Lawn Renovation Based in Hawthorne, New Jersey

Take back your turf with the help of the Hawthorne landscaping experts at Rick Hockenberry Landscaping. We provide expert seedbed preparation and seeding and offer detailed upkeep instructions to ensure germination and success.


Having renovated countless lawns, we know the prime reason for failure is improper watering. Please follow our watering instructions as faithfully as possible throughout the following stages:

Newly Seeded Lawns—Defined as the first three to four week period during which germination of the various grasses in the mix is occurring. Water lightly once or twice daily so that the seeded area is kept moist and not allowed to dry out. Do not allow "run-off" and be most attentive to the hot midday period.

Developing Seedlings Stage—Defined as the four to six week period. Full germination has occurred, and grass plants are starting to spread and develop multi-blades.

Water every other day, increasing the amount of water supplied at each watering.

Young Lawn Stage—Defined as the six to 12 week period during which the lawn continues to spread and fill in.

Water thoroughly at three to four-day intervals supplying about 1/2 inch of water each time. You can set a shallow pan to check to see that the proper amount has been applied.

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Mature Lawn Stage—Defined as the period after 12 weeks of lawn renovation.

Water only as needed to ensure that the lawn receives 1" of water per week.

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Rain & Excess Water

Rain is most likely to occur during the three-month period outlined above, but please remember that in the Newly Seeded Stage, it is the frequency of water that is important, not the amount. So, even though we may get a heavy downpour one day, it may be necessary to resume your watering program the following day if the seeded area starts to dry out.

During the Newly Seeded Stage, excess watering or high humidity can cause germinated grass plants to die suddenly. This condition is caused by a fungus disease known as "damping-off." There is no way to prevent this from happening, but by following the instructions above, you will lessen the possibility.

Mowing Instructions

Do not mow the renovated area until after the first watering which serves to "set" the seed. Continue regular mowing of the old grass in the renovated area. Walk lightly and handle the mower carefully to avoid disturbing new seedlings. Operate mower at slow to moderate engine speed. Start mowing new grass as soon as it is tall enough to be cut. Maintain a cutting height of two inches or higher.

Leaf Removal (Fall Renovations)

Leaves must be removed from the renovated area every three to four days. Young seedlings are quickly smothered by an accumulation of leaves. Remove by raking very lightly or by using a bagging attachment on your mower. We advise against the use of a blower unless it can be used without being pushed over the renovated area.

When to Call

From time to time, our friendly Hawthorne landscaping team will inspect your lawn to check its progress. We also want you to be aware of what to watch for and when to call.

Germination—Under ideal temperature conditions and with proper watering, some germination will occur in seven to 10 days. However, a blend of grasses has been used, and full germination of all grasses in the mix requires up to 28 days. If after 12 days no germination has occurred, and you have been watering or if you had noticed germination, but now seedlings have died, give us a call.

Weeds—We use only the highest quality, purest grass seed available. Weed seeds of persistent varieties are not present to any measurable degree in the grass seed mix. However, weed and crabgrass seeds lie dormant for many years in the soil. When the soil is disturbed, as in the renovation process, weed seeds are brought to the surface and germinate along with the grass seed. We expect this. We cannot and will not attempt to control these weeds until after the young grass has matured. To try to do so before then will only kill the young grass. However, do call if weeds have completely covered the renovated area. This happens occasionally due to the reason above, and it will then be necessary to start over.

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Reseeding—You are entitled to reseeding of the renovated area if necessary. However, our experts should be the judge as to when to reseed. If you insist on reseeding before the grasses have germinated and become mature, they will be killed in the reseeding process. Call to check when reseeding is scheduled for your lawn.

Lastly, be patient. Although a lawn can be killed very quickly by disease, insects, crabgrass, etc., the reestablishment of a new lawn is a slow process. Be assured that we are as desirous of success as you are. After all, we want you to be a customer of ours for many years.

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